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May 10, 2004
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NEW YORK - Tuxis Corporation (AMEX: TUX) announced today that through its wholly owned subsidiary, Tuxis Real Estate II LLC, it has acquired a 1,875 square foot commercial property in Mabbettsville, New York as part of its program to acquire and operate real estate properties. Tuxis also announced that it has agreed to lease the entire property to a single tenant for a food service and restaurant operation, to commence on May 1, 2004 for a six month term. This acquisition adjoins other commercial property owned by Tuxis and is part of an overall re-development and enhancement of the site. Tuxis may seek to further expand its property holdings in this area.

As previously announced, Tuxis intends to apply to the Securities and Exchange Commission to deregister as an investment company and continue as a publicly-held operating company listed on the American Stock Exchange subject to the reporting and other requirements of the Securities Exchange act of 1934.

Tuxis is a real estate development and service company. More information about Tuxis may be found at its web site at www.tuxis.com.



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